Royal aides ‘worked overtime’ to protect Prince Harry

Harry and Meghan: Netflix tease dramatic end to documentary

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Prince Harry accused forces within the royal establishment of being ready to “lie” to protect Prince William from scandal in the trailer for the second part of his Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. Two versions of the clips have appeared, one citing a general “they” as the culprits of the cover-up, and another accusing the British media of protecting his older brother. But the editing sparked speculation on whether Prince Harry meant the Palace defended William, with expert Kinsey Schofield hitting back by noting Royal Family aides “worked overtime” to clean up the Duke’s own image over the years.

Ms Schofield said: “Harry has provided the Palace with many more controversial stories to navigate than William ever could.

“William is the heir. Of course, the Palace is going to protect him. Keep your nose out of trouble and nothing can be said about you…

“The Palace worked overtime to change Harry’s image from an angry bar dweller to a war hero. Had they not actually protected Harry with a very strategic transformation, there is no way he would have the platform he has now to slander his family.

“He was popular. Because The Firm worked very hard to make him likeable.”

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The ToDiFor Daily creator also weighed into the debate over the two subtitled versions of Prince Harry’s latest Netflix clip, claiming the production team likely sought to appear less “aggressive”.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Ms Schofield alleged: “Harry and Meghan’s documentary is littered with dishonesty to bolster their calculated version of events.

“When Harry says, ‘They were happy to lie to protect my brother, they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us,’ I am confident he is referencing The Firm.

“They likely fixed this soundbite [during editing] to not come off as aggressive but if the British media is so terrible then protecting Harry and Meghan would never be on their radar and Harry would not expect that of them.”

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The release of the first part of the Netflix docuseries left many experts wondering about the impact of the series, noting the majority of claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made had already been shared in past interviews.

But the release of a 90-second trailer for the second instalment of the six-part series reignited concerns about the potential allegations the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could level at the Royal Family.

In the clip, Prince Harry can be heard saying: “I wonder what would’ve happened to us had we not got out when we did.”

Meghan Markle added: “Our security was being pulled. Everyone in the world knew where we were.”

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The Duke of Sussex is then heard adding: “I said, ‘We need to get out of here’,” before a clip showing Prince Harry seemingly sitting on a plane beaming and saying: “We’re on the freedom flight.”

The Duke added: “They were happy to lie to protect my brother, but they were never willing to tell the truth about us.”

The Duchess of Sussex also featured in the clip expressing her frustration over the treatment she alleges to have received since joining the institution.

She said: “I wasn’t being thrown to the wolves, I was being fed to the wolves.”

The final part of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan will be released on December 15.

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