Royal baby news: Former Princess welcomes baby boy in adorable Instagram post

Tessy Antony de Nassau: Family announce birth of baby boy

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Prince Gabriel of Nassau took to his mother’s Instagram account to share the happy news of the birth of Theodor Frank. The 15-year-old smiled to the camera as he delivered his brief message in English. 

He said: “Hi everyone. I am happy to announce that Noah, Julia and I have a little baby brother named Theodor, and he is doing well with my mother in the hospital.

“And they send you lots of love.”

Tessy added a caption to this sweet video, reading: “Frank, our children and I are happy to announce that our little bean has arrived.

“Theodor is healthy and a very active little man.

“We are over the moon with joy”.

Many royal fans and Instagram users congratulated Tessy and her family following news of the birth of Theodor.

One commented on the Instagram clip saying: “Huge congrats Tessy! Wonderful news”.

Another said: “Congratulations to you all, welcome to the world baby Theodor.”

A third added: “Congratulations… So excited for you all”.

Tessy gave birth to Theodor on Thursday in Zürich’s Hirslanden, a month after marrying during a low-key and social distanced ceremony Swiss businessman Frank Floessel.

The baby boy joins his two older brothers Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah, 13, whose father is Prince Louis of Luxembourg, the third son of Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Theodor also has a sister named Julia, the first daughter of Mr Floessel.

Tessy provided details of her nuptials with Mr Floessel a week before it took place, on July 23.

Prior to the wedding, she wrote on Instagram: “Everyone is super looking forward for Mama and Papa to formalise this relationship before little bean arrives.”

The former princess revealed her sons and Mr Floessel’s daughter would play important roles during the ceremony.

She said: “Gabriel, Noah and Julia will be the best men and bridesmaid.

“It feels like I am in a beautiful and romantic movie indeed”.

While the July nuptials were a small and private affair given the ongoing pandemic, the couple plans to host a larger celebration after the easing of restrictions, as Tessy revealed in her pre-wedding message.

She wrote: “It will be a very small and intimate gathering of close family and friends.

“We do know that many close friends from abroad, especially UK will be missed due to Corona regulations.

“However, do not worry, the big wedding ceremony will be held in a few months time after the baby has arrived and I am sure by then that the corona regulations should be adjusted.”

The humanitarian and social entrepreneur came under the attention of the public eye in the mid-2000s.

She tied the knot with the Luxembourg royal in 2006, a few months after the birth of Prince Gabriel.

One year later, the couple also welcomed their second son Prince Noah.

This royal marriage ended more than a decade later, and the prince and princess announced in 2017 their separation.

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