Royal Family crisis: Norway heir only secured throne after sister refused to become Queen

Princess Martha Louise of Norway's marriage to Ari Behn 2002

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has revealed that she was offered the chance to become Queen. The royal is the firstborn child of the current king, Harald V, but was denied the right to inherit the throne because she is a woman. However, Märtha Louise said there were was an attempt to change this as she explained in a candid interview with Insider Magazine.

Princess Märtha Louise had said: “I was totally happy growing up, I wasn’t jealous at all.

“But when I was 15, the Prime Minister at the time was a woman, and she suddenly came up with the idea that this was wrong.

“I remember she came home to us, with granddad [King Olav V], and we had a discussion about whether we should change the whole system and I should be queen.

“They said, ‘What do you want, Märtha?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m 15, I don’t know about these things.”

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She continued: “For me, I was like, ‘Phew.’ It is a lot of pressure.

“It really is a life that you need to choose and be committed to 100 percent.

“So I’m very happy that my brother is next in line, and he’s doing an amazing job.

“He’s focused on all the right things.”

Princess Mette-Marit and Prince Haakon greet royals in Norway

The law was changed to absolute primogeniture in 1990 so that female members of the Norwegian Royal Family could take precedence over younger brothers in the line of succession.

However the amendment to the pecking order only applies to children born into the family after 1990.

As a result, King Harald’s children are still ranked according to male-preference cognatic primogeniture.

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This means that Crown Prince Haakon will succeed his father.

Princess Märtha Louise is now fourth in line to the throne, behind her brother and his two children.

Haakon’s eldest, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, is second in line to the throne.

As she was born in 2004, she is expected to become the country’s second female monarch.

The only other Queen in her own right in Norway’s history was the 14th century Margaret I, who was Queen of Denmark and Norway from 1387 and Queen of Sweden from 1389 until her death.

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