Royal Family heartbreak avoided as Prince Carl Philip reunited with beloved escaped pooch

Sweden Royal Wedding- Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia greet the crowd

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Prince Carl Philip, who is fourth-in-line to the Swedish throne, his wife Princess Sofia and their three children are known to own a beloved, and rather adventurous, little terrier named Siri. The pooch sparked a family drama last week when she escaped the palace to wander in the nearby Djurgården royal park in Stockholm in freezing temperature.

Luckily for the pooch and their owners, a 20-year-old local and her friend spotted Siri while on a walk.

The youngster, Angelina Berge, recalled not paying too much attention to the dog at first, as she thought she was in the company of a family spending an afternoon in the park.

However, Ms Berge became suspicious after noticing the little pooch had started to follow her.

She told the Swedish Expressen newspaper: “The dog was very calm, and you could see that she had walked there before and recognized the road.

“We understood that she had probably run away.

“We patted her and tried to make her feel safe.”

Ms Berge said to have then noticed a phone number on a badge hanging around Siri’s neck.

However, she had no luck in reaching her owners during her attempts to call and text the number.

Ms Berge’s friend then recalled Prince Carl Philip’s residence was nearby and his family owned a dog.

The 20-year-old reported her friend saying: “The prince lives here, does he not have a dog?”

This comment prompted Ms Berge to do a quick online search, which made it apparent they were in front of a royal pet.

She said: “I saw the picture of the dog and fell to my knees — I could not stop laughing because it was so heavenly comical.

“We started talking to the dog and said her name: ‘Siri, Siri!’

“She was super happy. Then we realised that it was probably the prince’s dog.”

The pair then picked up the pooch and carried her to Villa Solbacken, where the fourth-in-line to the throne lives with his family.

To their surprise, after they rang the house’s bell, Carl Philip simply walked down to the gate with one of his children.

Ms Berge said: “We pinged at the prince and princess’ house.

“Prince Carl Philip came down with his son and fetched the dog.

“He was so very nice and kind and thanked us again and again.”

“It was so weird. We had no idea it was the prince’s dog from the beginning.”

This wasn’t the first time Siri, who has been pictured in official photographs of the Swedish Royal Family, escaped the palace.

In 2018, she was found by local police and reunited with her family.

Similarly, she wandered outside of her home for a few hours in October 2020 before being found and reunited with Carl Philip and Sofia.

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