Royal Family LIVE: Fears Harry could ‘steal’ Jubilee from Queen with ‘hidden cameras’

Prince Harry set to spark 'campaign of chaos' at Queen's Jubilee

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Harry and Meghan confirmed that they would be returning to the UK for the Jubilee, saying they were “excited and honoured” to do so.

But writing on Twitter, royal biographer Angela Levin wrote: “Harry wanted privacy and to be ordinary. He also hated cameras.

“But he’s ended up doing an at home docuseries for Netflix.

“Does he need to be searched for hidden cameras on Jubilee days?

“Will he steal the event from the Queen?”


Meghan and Harry ‘shot themselves in foot’ in bid to heal rift with Kate and William

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “shot themselves in the foot” when it comes to repairing their relationship with Kate and Prince William, according to a royal commentator.

Asked how the relationship between Firm members and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can be healed, the expert told “I just can’t see it happening, particularly with William.

“There was all the stuff about Kate and Meghan crying at the wedding in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

“I think they shot themselves in the foot with William and Kate, I don’t think they will get anywhere near them.”

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