Royal Family LIVE: ‘Let her rest’ Diana film backlash days before painful anniversary

'Spencer': Official teaser trailer from STX Films

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The Princess of Wales was aged just 36 when she died in a Paris car crash on August 31, 1997, five years after she separated from Prince Charles and two years after their official divorce. Now, Kristen Stewart is set to play Princess Diana in a new biopic, Spencer.

The new film is set to be released on November 5 but, days before the 24th anniversary of Diana’s death, the first official trailer was dropped.

However, it has sparked outrage from royal fans calling for Diana to be allowed to “rest in peace”.

One person tweeted: “Will they ever let this woman Rest In Peace????”

Another echoed: “So sickening, can you all not just leave her to rest in peace?”

A third said: “Glorifying the most painful moments in Diana’s life.

“Let her Rest In Peace.”

A fourth commented: “It’s really sad to see people continuing to exploit her private life with these fictional accounts of various personal moments.

“It is incredibly disrespectful to her memory.

“Either they should focus on her humanitarian work or let her rest in peace.”

Many others argued out Ms Stewart – who shot to fame in the Twilight films – was a “terrible casting choice” and Emma Corrin, who played Diana in The Crown, was better suited.

Another said: “I wish we could get a movie that wasn’t about Diana’s tragedies, but one that focused on all she did for the people she helped despite facing so much adversity.”

The teaser offers a glimpse into the extravagant life at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, including lavish meals and stunning attire.

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In the footage, Ms Stewart, dressed to the nines at all times, becomes increasingly emotional as she grapples with rumors of affairs and evades ruthless paparazzi.

Ms Stewart only speaks two words in the teaser trailer.

“They know everything,” Sally Hawkins, who plays an undisclosed role that appears to be a confidant to the Princess of Wales, tells Diana.

Despite losing her royal title and many of her patronages, Diana continued her work as a humanitarian and backed causes close to her heart.

Shortly before her death, Diana visited Bosnia and Angola, where she was photographed walking through a minefield wearing a visor and bomb-proof vest.

Diana was also the first member of the Royal Family to shake hands with a man who had HIV.

She did so without gloves, publicly challenging the notion that HIV/Aids was passed from person to person by touch.


7.55am update: ‘That dress’ Lady Kitty Spencer posts ‘stunning’ snaps as she returns to Italy from UK

Princess Diana’s niece, 30, has touched down in Italy after she returned to England to attend her close friend’s wedding at Wilton House.

Soon after Lady Jemima Herbert and Hugo Davis were declared husband and wife, the daughter of Diana’s younger brother, Charles Spencer, returned to Italy where she tied the knot with her 62-year-old partner Martin Lewis.

The snaps were posted to Lady Spencer’s Instagram account, which has more than 740,000 followers.

Followers of Prince William and Prince Harry’s younger cousin soon voiced their approval at the Italian shots.

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