Royal Family LIVE: Prince William and Harry still ‘barely on speaking terms’

Prince William and Kate: ‘Fears’ for children’s roles says expert

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The Duke of Sussex reunited with his brother, Prince William, back in July to reveal a bronze statue of their late mother, the Princess of Wales. The small event marked what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday.

Prince William is believed to have spoken on behalf of himself and the Duke of Sussex at a private reception last week celebrating the unveiling of their late mother’s statue.

Now, a source has claimed the two royal siblings are “barely on speaking terms” but the unveiling of the statue has “done some good”.

They told the Sun: “There was a real family feel as many of Diana’s 17 godchildren were also there.

“William made a brilliant speech saying thank you from him and Harry and how happy they both were with the statue.

“He mentioned Harry by name.

“The brothers are barely on speaking terms but it’s clear the Princess Di statue has done some good.”

Reports of a rift between Harry and William have persisted for years, with the younger sibling hinting at the feud in a TV interview in 2019.

Tensions reportedly began when William offered Harry advice on taking things slow with Meghan, something the younger son bristled at.

And the situation is said to have escalated when Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family last year.

Their relationship also reportedly deteriorated significantly following Meghan and Harry’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.


Prince George’s future ‘inherently limited’

Prince George’s future is “inherently limited” and the young heir will have a “devastating realisation” if he hasn’t had it already, a royal expert claimed.

Royal expert Daniela Elser, writing in two years ago, said there is “no question” about George’s future.

She said: “From birth, he has been doomed to have very, very little control over how his life will play out.”

William said in 2019 that his eldest son did not know he would be King in the future.

Ms Elser wrote: “The fact that this little boy is now, or will be soon, burdened with the knowledge that his future is inherently limited and bound by responsibility makes me tremendously sad.”

Prince Harry urged to reconsider ‘really strange timing’ of memoir release

Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir is at risk of “overshadowing” the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which is due to take place next June.

Former royal butler, Grant Harrold told the “It’s not the best of timing, I’m sure we all know that this celebration was coming up.

“We didn’t know maybe when it was all planned, it is possible that he didn’t know there was going to be Bank Holidays and things, but I’m going by historically, you’d have looked at the dates and worked it out.

“So it does seem really strange timing and I would have thought that maybe they would have delayed it personally.

“I’d have thought people would have thought ‘Do you know what, we’ll leave it until the following year after the celebrations are over’ , but for whatever reason, they want to put it out.”

Queen feeling ‘knackered’ after ‘constant flow of lunches and dinners’, says insider

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly feeling “knackered” after a busy schedule packed with lunches and dinners before her hospital stay, a royal insider has claimed.

Royal doctors sent the monarch to be seen by specialists in London on Wednesday afternoon after she was forced to cancel a royal tour.

It is believed the medical team acted out of caution to have her admitted on Wednesday.

Writing in The Times, Royal expert Roya Nikkah quoted palace sources as saying the Queen’s life has been busy with “a constant flow of lunches and dinners with family and friends, because the Queen does not want to dine alone.”

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