Royal Family ‘should apologise’ over indigenous Canadians treatment as Charles visits

Royals 'should apologise' for indigenous treatment says Gebrial

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Ms Gebrial discussed the Royal Family’s role during the colonisation period, and how she believes it has shaped the inequality struggles many of the descendants still face. Ms Gebrial argued for the institution to pay reparations to the former colonies as well as to the families of indigenous Canadians for the treatment they received. Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall are on a 3-day tour of Canada despite heated protests from locals on previous visits this year.

Ms Gebrial told BBC Politics Live: “Well I think it’s very bizarre for us to be sitting in a studio in London, telling the descendants of people who were colonised, how to respond to people who are representatives of the institutions that colonised them.

“I think what we are experiencing globally is an emergence from not an age of innocence but an age of ignorance.

“Where the role of colonialism in shaping the inequalities that we currently still live in.

“That has been systematically erased from public knowledge, and thanks to the interventions of the descendants of the people who have been colonised.

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“That age of ignorance is no longer tenable and so I think it is absolutely a given that the Royal Family should apologise.

“But that is just one symbolic… The first symbolic step in a broader reckoning of how we can right the wrongs of the past.

BBC host Jo Coburn asked: “Including reparations?”

Ms Gebrial said: “Absolutely! Politically, socially and financially.”


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The ex-colonised countries of the British Empire have been pushing back on royal visits.

As some residents do not see the need for them. Protests have been held in the Caribean this year, by locals who have demanded that the Royal Family pay reparations for slavery.

The Duke of Cornwall’s visit marks his 19th trip to the country, this is his first time back since 1970.

They have received a warm welcome so far, despite pressure for an apology for the Royal Family’s colonial past.

Royal author Omid Scobie wrote in an op-ed for Yahoo! News about the possibility of backlash from local indigenous Canadians.

Ms Scobie said: “Later this month, Prince Charles will acknowledge the abuse of thousands of Indigenous children by Canada’s now dismantled residential school system during a tour with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

“It’s an important moment that will include time with Indigenous leaders and community members in the spirit of reconciliation.

“As one of the only family members aside from the Queen to truly master the art of diplomacy, I can see why Charles has been tasked with such a sensitive trip.”

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