Royal Family ‘won’t meet’ Prince Harry if he ‘slates’ them in Spare

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Prince Harry may not get a face-to-face meeting with King Charles or Prince William if his memoir and upcoming interviews are too critical of the royals, according to an expert. Royal reporter at GB News, Cameron Walker, told the Daily Express’ Royal Roundup that the Firm will be watching carefully for any comments from Harry they feel could overstep the mark.

Asked about the prospect of a meeting between Harry and the royals, Mr Walker said: “We know that sources within Buckingham Palace have indicated that the King really still loves Prince Harry, his second son.

“But in terms of a physical meeting, clearly the Queen’s death forced a meeting upon them and we saw Prince William extend an olive branch to his brother with that joint walk outside Windsor Castle.

“I reckon royal courtiers are waiting to see what is in these interviews which are being aired on Sunday but also the details in his memoirs which is being published on January 10.

“If Prince Harry has made damning allegations against his family or is really slating them, then clearly that is going to strain relationships even further.

“Because of those private conversations which Harry talked about in his Netflix show, which it appears he is going to talk about further in his book, the family feels they cannot trust him because what they say to him in private may well end up in an interview later down the line.”

Trailers for the upcoming interviews show that Harry will openly discuss his relationship with William and the King.

In a preview of the sit-down discussion with ITV’s Tom Bradby, Harry says he wants his father and brother “back”.

Mr Walker also highlights, however, that reports have indicated that Harry will take aim at William.

He continued: “Another thing that has been in reports is that Harry is going to go pretty hard on his brother William.

“One report suggests he is going to talk at length about the Sandringham summit, which is when he thrashed out this so-called divorce deal when he was deciding to step back as a senior royal.

“We are hearing that Kate isn’t going to get off lightly either.”

However, the royal commentator added that the King and Queen Consort, Camilla, will likely be left alone in the upcoming memoir.

This is because Camilla is a “red line” for Charles, who could respond “firmly” if Harry were to criticise her, Mr Walker said.

He added: “But the people who are, perhaps more surprisingly, going to be left alone is King Charles and the Queen Consort Camilla.

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“We know that King Charles’s red line is Camilla, if Prince Harry criticises Camilla in any way I think that is when King Charles would take more firm action, perhaps, against his son.

“Clearly this is all unconfirmed…but for now the Palace are very much remaining silent.”

Reports this week say that the publishers of Harry’s book – Penguin Random House – have undertaken extensive security measures to ensure details of the book are not leaked.

Sources told the Sunday Times that a similar operation is being used to the one that stopped key details leaking prior to the release of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books, costing millions of pounds.

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