Royal fans baffled after Queen’s official Twitter account posts cryptic message

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The Queen’s official Twitter account published this afternoon a message simply reading “Thanks”. The tweet was welcomed with mixed emotions by royal fans, with some politely answering to the kind message while others were left wondering whether it had been sent by mistake. 

The tweet got deleted within a few minutes, suggesting it had been mistakenly published. 

However, royal fans and Twitter users were quick to reply to it while it was still live. 

One royal fan kindly wrote: “You’re most welcome!” 

Similarly, another royal supporter added, along with a glittering emoji: “Thanks Queen”. 

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Other Twitter users replied with sarcasm to the message, with one saying: “Don’t mention it!” 

Another social media user, baffled, asked: “…for the memories?” 

And a third joked saying: “Can’t wait to hear the story behind this misfire”. 

The Royal Family’s Twitter account represents Her Majesty as well as other senior members of the Firm without a personal Twitter handle.

Launched in April 2009, this profile now counts 4.3 million followers.

It follows 534 accounts, including Clarence House, the official Twitter account of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. 

The Royal Family’s account also follows Kensington Royal, which represents online Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William. 

This account is not personally handled by the monarch – but the Queen had a go at tweeting in 2014.  

Quite aptly, the Queen embraced social media during a visit to an exhibition at London’s Science Museum called “Information Age: Six Networks That Changed Our World”.  

Standing in front of 600 guests from the world of science and technology, the Queen typed her first personal tweet from a podium.  

She wrote: “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting.”

The Queen signed off the tweet with the same signature she uses on cards and official documents – Elizabeth R. 

The monarch hasn’t been the only royal to have personally written and sent tweets. 

Her grandson Prince William revealed during a special episode of BBC Radio 5 Live’s That Peter Crouch Podcast his social media staff “deliberately keep him away from” the Kensington Royal accounts.  

After being asked if he was in control of his and Kate’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, he joked saying: “No, they deliberately keep me away from that.

“I have tried a couple of times ‒ when Liverpool did that amazing semi-final against Barcelona, I grabbed hold of the Twitter thing and I just posted it.

“It was an amazing match! I was literally blown away by it.

“It was one of the best games of football I’ve ever seen and I got completely out of control and I was like ‘just tweet that, get it out’.”

Speaking about his desire to comment on his favourite football team’s victories on social media, the Duke of Cambridge added during the podcast recorded during the last Premier League season: “Nearly every Villa game that we’ve won, which hasn’t been many this season, but nearly every Villa game, I’ve been trying to get hold of it but they keep it away from me now.  I have to fight them for it!” 

Tweets crafted by the Duke are usually signed off with a ‘W’. 

Kate and Prince William recently took to Instagram to communicate to their fan the sad news of the death of their dog Lupo. 

Their message was signed with the letters “W & C”. 

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