Royal nicknames: Special monikers Royal Family uses behind closed doors exposed

Royal Family branded Britain's 'best ambassadors'

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The most famous nickname of the British monarchy is that of the Queen, who was referred to as Lilibet by her family. The nickname was first used when then-Princess Elizabeth was just a child and couldn’t pronounce her own name properly and her grandfather, King George V would affectionately call her Lilibet, copying her attempts to say Elizabeth. Prince Philip is also known to have used the nickname Cabbage when referring to Her Majesty. Other members of the Royal Family have since been known to favour pet names in the intimacy of family life.

Royal experts Rachel Burchfield and Jessica Robinson discussed the family’s nicknames on the latest episode of Podcast Royal.

They said: “They do have nicknames in private but they have to use their full, proper names in public.

“Princess Charlotte’s nickname is Lottie, I thought that was really cute.

“Of course she goes by Charlotte as far as the public is concerned.”

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They went on to talk about the Duchess of Cambridge: “We all knew Kate Middleton as Kate before she was a royal.

“When she joined the royal family she began going by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.”

“We hear her refer to herself as Catherine a lot.

“But I do think with all of the media coverage and general popularity she’s had since she began dating William, I think especially in the US but probably all over the place, she is still widely referred to as Kate by the public.”

Royal Family ‘best ambassadors you could hope for’ says expert

“I use them interchangeably, it depends. I think both Kate and Catherine are very pretty names.

“Of course, Prince Harry is the well-known exception to the nickname rule, he has never gone by his formal name which is Henry.”

“Henry is a cute name too though, I like that.”


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Traditionally, monarchs called Henry were referred to by those who knew them as Harry, including Henry VIII.

When Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced their son’s name, the Palace said that he would be known officially as Prince Henry Charles Albert David, but just ‘Harry’ to his family and friends. 

Over time, Prince Harry stuck and has been widely used throughout his life. 

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