Royal POLL: Should Charles and Camilla have stayed in London – not gone to Scotland? VOTE

Prince Charles and Camilla travelled to their Scottish home in Birkhall on March 13. As many as 11 days later, the Prince of Wales tested positive for coronavirus. 

And his doctors believe Charles started being infectious with coronavirus on the day he travelled to his second home on the Highlands.

This decision to carry out a non-essential trip as the Government was starting to warn citizens on the importance to stop the spread of COVID-19 continues to be criticised by social media users.

After Charles and Camilla published a never-before-seen portrait taken at Birkhall to mark their 15th wedding anniversary, some Twitter users lashed out at the royals.  

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One said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if this photo had been taken in Clarence House but of course Charlie, entourage and his virus ignored the Government advice and travelled to Scotland!”

Another said: “Yeah thanks for training resources in the NHS and police by fleeing to Scotland when you were symptomatic.

“Then your staff walking around Ballater potentially infecting the town folk.

“Disgraceful behaviour feel free to go back to London as soon as.”  

Prince Charles and Camilla were attacked on social media also after it was revealed that Catherine Calderwood, the Scottish medical chief officer, was caught breaching her own advice and visit her second home in Fife.

One social media user commented one news article saying Dr Carderwood had been given a warning about her future conduct saying: “I hope Prince Charles got a similar warning from Police Scotland.”

Another said: “I appreciate that Scotland’s chief medical officer shouldn’t have gone to her second home… 

“But didn’t Prince Charles travel from London to Balmoral with the virus?”

Another Twitter user claimed Prince Charles’s decision to spend the lockdown in Scotland may have lowered the affection locals have for the Crown.

They said: “I think Prince Charles might very well just have destroyed what little affection and credibility the Windsors still commanded in Scotland.”

Prince Charles and Camilla’s move to Birkhall was done before Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised people to work from home whenever possible and avoid non-essential travels on March 16. 

But fears the virus could spread fast around the country were already starting to change the royals’ habits, with the Prince of Wales no longer shaking hands with his guests and hosts.

On March 14, the Government had warned he would later ask over-70s to remain at home for four months under a “wartime-style” mobilisation effort.

And during the same week, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had announced the ban of mass gatherings and warned the advice on coronavirus would likely change as the number of cases was rising.  

On March 21, after dozens of English people travelled to their second home in Scotland to escape COVID-19, the Scottish Tourism Secretary Fergus Ewing branded tourists irresponsible.

He said: “I am furious at the reckless and irresponsible behaviour of some people travelling to the Highland and Islands.

“This has to stop now.

“Let me be crystal clear, people should not be travelling to rural and island communities full stop.

“They are endangering lives. Do not travel.”     

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