Royal rivalry: Pippa ‘makes friends easily’ as Kate struggles to be ‘extrovert’

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Pippa and Kate are said to have an extremely close relationship. The sisters were inseparable as children. Growing up together, they went off to the same boarding school; even ending up at the same university years later.

As a result of being so close, Pippa and Kate are said to have something of a competitive streak between them.

This is all the more intense as the sisters are aged just over a year apart, 37 and 38 respectively.

Kate, after marrying Prince William in 2011, was pushed into the spotlight; while Pippa found similar stardom in the same year, although to a lesser extent.

Yet, as TheTalko claimed in a video earlier this year, the roles could be well off balance.

The video said: “Apparently, Pippa is a naturally cheerful and outgoing person who makes friends easily.

“While Kate has to work harder playing the extrovert in public.”

The publication, however, added that “outgoing Pippa may make friends easily but according to one journalist she also makes them strategically”.

It continued: “According to her fellow college students, Pippa was often particular about who she decided to spend her time with.”

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It went on to suggest that Pippa chose her friendly wisely.

Meanwhile, despite being close, in 2008, a family friend of the Middleton’s told The Scotsman that Kate was always worried that Pippa would somehow overshadow her.

The source said: “Kate was always quite jealous of Pippa.

“I sensed that she feared being eclipsed by her, because Pippa has more natural effervescence, is socially much more at ease and was always popular with everyone, especially James’s (her brother) friends.


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“The two sisters are certainly close, but there was always a real sense of rivalry between them. Probably still is.”

The Daily Express has also been previously told that the sisters have an inseparable bond but simultaneous feelings of one-upmanship.

Emma Sayle, who attended Downe House with the sisters, said: “Kate and Pippa were hugely competitive.

“There was always that thing of who could be the thinnest and who could be the prettiest.”

Pippa was ultimately thrust onto the world’s stage as a result of her being maid of honour at Kate’s 2011 royal wedding.

Following the event, Pippa was offered lucrative contracts with glossy magazine, even being offered a slot on US TV.

She eventually ended up writing columns for Spectator Magazine and Vanity Fair.

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