Royal views: Did the Queen like Margaret Thatcher?

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The Queen has spent nearly seven decades on the British throne and has become the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Over time, she has seen and collaborated with a series of Prime Ministers, including a host of infamous premiers. Margaret Thatcher was one of them, and the two leaders allegedly had a “frosty” relationship.

Did the Queen like Margaret Thatcher?

The Queen and Margaret Thatcher will appear on-screen in this year’s series of The Crown, which debuts next month on November 15.

But the highly dramatised nature of the programme has brought forth questions about the first female Prime Minister and the Queen’s relationship.

Monarchs often work closely with their Government counterparts and need regular communication on matters of upcoming policy, which requires her assent to become law.

Sometimes, the working relationship gravitates beyond coworker and into friendship, as it did with Sir Winston Churchill.

But in the case of Margaret Thatcher, their connection wasn’t quite as warm as others.

According to newspaper diarist Kenneth Rose, who spent time in the royal circle during his career, the Queen wasn’t fond of the first female minister.

He noted two occasions when the monarch was less than generous about her.

The first was during a dinner with Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington, on September 18, 1985, when the Baroness relayed a harsh comment the Queen made about the minister.

She allegedly said: “She stays too long and talks too much. She has lived too long among men.”

On another occasion, in which he met with philosopher Isaiah Berlin, he found the Queen may have deliberately avoided her.

Writing in an entry on June 1, 1997, Mr Isiah said the Queen “ignored” her request for a brief goodbye.

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Mr Rose wrote: “To Headington for tea with [philosopher] Isaiah Berlin.

“We talk of relations between the Queen and her Prime Ministers.

“The Queen is careful never to reveal what she thinks of each, although it is generally known that she and Margaret Thatcher had sharp disagreements on the importance of the Commonwealth. Isaiah now has an important piece of evidence.

“Both the Queen and Thatcher came to a gala at Covent Garden, but sat in different parts of the house.”

“In the interval, the Queen let it be known that she did not want to meet Mrs Thatcher — who was sent to an upper room for drinks, as was Isaiah.

“Thatcher then said she would like to say goodbye to the Queen, a request that was ignored.”

Declassified files back up Mr Rose’s diary entries, as when unveiled in 2017, they revealed one of the Tory Prime Minister’s acts enraged her.

She refused to support increased sanctions on South Africa amid the apartheid, defying Commonwealth leaders.

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