Royals ‘brace themselves’ for Netflix doc as Sussexes target Waleses

Harry and Meghan trailer 'speaks volumes' says Hewson

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Expert Sarah Hewson claimed the Royal Family had been “bracing themselves” for the documentary to be released. The royal editor said that it was a difficult time for the trailer to be released due to Kate, the Princess of Wales and Prince William’s engagements. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s trailer has set Royal correspondents into a frenzy as many speculate as to what the programme might expose about the Royal Family.

Ms Hewson told Talk TV: “Who knows, the timing is very very difficult of both this row and then release of the trailer.”

Presenter Jeremy Kyle said: “Or vindication?”

Ms Hewson added: “Sixty seconds, very few words in it… But it speaks volumes.

“And I think the Royal household, the Royal Family have been bracing themselves for this and for what we have seen so far, they are right to be doing so.”

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Ms Hewson added: “Because not only does it contain images from their personal albums but there are lines from Harry, about nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors, And I needed to protect my family…”

Mr Kyle said: “When is it out, the documentary?”

Ms Hewson added: “The documentary is out next Thursday, we believe, Netflix is not confirming that.

“But there is a picture in there, the one picture that is of other people is of the Commonwealth day service in 2019.

“Rumours of a rift, rife at that moment, and you see Harry and Meghan sitting behind William and Kate and Kate looking into the camera stony-faced.”

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Harry and Meghan's series a 'declaration of war' says Takyi

Royal experts have been waiting for the documentary to be aired for some time now.

The Sussexes signed a 100 million-dollar deal with Netflix along with a million-dollar deal with Spotify.

Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare’ is also set to be released in January 2023.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are currently on a three-day trip to Boston, as they are in America for their Earthshot outing.

PR and reputation management expert Eric Schiffer slammed the announcement of the Netflix documentary trailer.

Mr Schiffer told “This was a strategic missile to interrupt the attention of William and Kate and translate it into further financial benefit to Harry and Meghan. 

“And will provoke a further level of frustration and irritation because of what is seen to be an overshadowing of the monarchy.”

He added: “I think Americans who have seen the news understand what is going on.

“This has been a strategy to keep the attention on Harry and Meghan and be seen as the de facto monarchs of modern days to Gen Z and Millennials.” 

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