Royals unmasked: Astonishing confession on ‘weird and privileged life’ unveiled

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Living as a royal is world’s away from a normal life. Regularly treated to lunches and glamorous events with notable names, royals are also expected to fulfil duties and commitments regardless of whether they feel up to it or not. Many, like Queen Elizabeth II, cannot afford to have “sick days”.

This is especially true of Prince Albert of Monaco, who holds the unique position of working both as a royal and essentially a president.

Only slightly bigger than London’s Hyde Park, the principality of Monaco has become famous for its riches and being home to thousands of millionaires – around 30 percent of the population.

This lavish lifestyle lived out by many allows the royal family to wander freely around the country without feeling too much the centre of attention.

However, as Albert’s niece, Camille Gottlieb, revealed during the BBC’s documentary ‘Inside Monaco: Playground of the Rich,’ royal life can at times be odd.

She explained: “It’s so cold growing up in Monte Carlo.

“We have a lot of security, everybody knows everybody – but sometimes it’s a little bit weird.

“To be the granddaughter of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly, and the daughter of Princess Stephanie – we are the royal family so we have to do a lot of things for Monaco so it’s good for us.”

Camille’s family history is particularly tumultuous, not unheard of in the world of royalty.

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She is one of three children, and has a brother, Louis Ducruet, and a sister Pauline Ducruet.

While her siblings are included in the line of succession to Monaco’s throne, Camille is not.

This is because she shares a different father.


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While her brother and sister are the offspring of Stephenie of Monaco’s first husband and bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, Camille was born out of wedlock.

Her father was also Stephanie’s former bodyguard, a Mr Jean Raymond Gottlieb.

Jean’s identity was hidden for a while, though it came to light some years after Camille’s birth in 1998.

It has led to bouts of confusion for Camille, but she expressed her love for her father during a rare interview with the French publication Point de Vue.

The 21-year-old opened up about her family and said: “My father is my right lung, my mother is my left lung. Without them, I could not live.

“They did not stay together very long, but they always said to me, ‘We have desired you, and our happiness is that you are here.’”

She added, “I am very lucky. I would not trade my family for another for nothing in the world.”

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