Runaway potbellied pig called Mr BaconBits leads police on a wild chase

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Police officers and locals were forced on a wild chase after a potbellied pig ran amok.

Louisville Metro Police were shocked to receive a call that a ‘daggum pig’ was on the loose in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, on June 28.

Officers rushed to the scene, only to find a local woman trying to chase down the animal, known as Mr BaconBits.

During the chase, the woman can be heard frantically shouting: ‘I don’t know whose pig it is.

‘I’ve just been trying to keep it from getting hit.’

Video footage shows numerous people including police officers falling over in failed attempts to try and capture the runaway pig.

A police officer even made a joke and said: ‘Just a couple of pigs trying to chase a pig.’

Police said: ‘We tried using a hobble as a leash, but our new friend wasn’t having it. Neighbors even pitched in to help us with the chase! Everyone fell down, and everyone laughed . . . ahh, good times.

‘Eventually, the oinker made his way to a backyard where we were able to put a dog pole on him.’

The pig is now safely back at home after being loaded up onto a large dog crate brought by his owner.

Mr BaconBits is quite the animal celebrity and has his own public Instagram page which details his daily adventures.

People were quick to respond to the police force’s status about the incident on its Facebook page.

Jamie Christensen Chevalier said: ‘Thanks for your sense of humour! This video made my day.’

Meanwhile, Becca Gibson cracked a joke and said: ‘You could say he was released on his own reHOGnizance…’

And Jeff Lamkin could not stop laughing and said: ‘This had me laughing so hard I got tears in my eyes. Good job guys!!!’

This isn’t the first time an animal has led officers on a chase after an emu led them on a 20-mile one in April.

MeeMoo the emu reached speeds of 40mph during a high-speed pursuit in Tennessee, USA.

He was luckily returned home safely, just like Mr BaconBits.

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