Sadiq Khan facing demands to ‘do more’ about Just Stop Oil protesters

Sadiq Khan ’should be doing more’ says Shaun Bailey

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Campaign group Just Stop Oil have paralysed travel routes across London with widespread protest action involving human roadblocks of activists superglued to the tarmac. As the group’s campaign has escalated, prominent buildings and tourist attractions across the capital have become a target for shocking forms of protest designed to generate mass public attention. The city’s population has steadily grown weary of the disruption caused by Just Stop Oil protesters and, according to London Assembly Member Shaun Bailey, it is down to the Mayor of London to start “doing more” before the public backlash intensifies.

In a discussion surrounding the Just Stop Oil protests, Mr Bailey told Talk TV host Julia Hartley-Brewer: “The problem is this – and it’s two-fold.

“Firstly, the economic damage it is having on ordinary working people. Secondly, they are not doing anything for their cause – people who consider themselves a causal bystander who probably would support them are now feeling they would not.”

He continued: “The more important, substantive thing on a day-to-day level: we need to see people in authority take charge.

“Sadiq Khan should be doing more about not welcoming these people to London.”

In an interview with the BBC, The Mayor of London previously stated: “I support the importance of tackling climate change. 

“I support protests as a cornerstone of our democracy, but it has got to be peaceful and safe. I do not support what Just Stop Oil are doing across our city.”

Sadiq Khan later wrote on Twitter: “The protests by Just Stop Oil are causing disruption and are unlawful and dangerous.”

He added that he believed “urgent” measures were needed to tackle climate concerns, but clarified that any protest action must remain “within the law”.

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During his appearance on Talk TV, Mr Bailey also urged the Metropolitan Police to “step up” and stop the disruption sparked by Just Stop Oil demonstrations.

He said: “The police are going to have to slightly step up and take a harder line. If they don’t, the public will and that could lead to anarchy.”

On Friday Met Police Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist released a statement confirming 651 people had been arrested since the 1st October for their connection with Just Stop Oil protests.

He explained the strain the police force was currently experiencing as he reported 7,900 officer shifts had been utilised to respond to the protests and “keep London moving”.

He added: ““If officers were not helping the central operation to deal with Just Stop Oil they could be dealing with issues that matter to local communities, such as knife crime, safeguarding and responding to burglaries.”

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The news comes as Just Stop Oil launched their latest demonstration at the gates on Downing Street on Tuesday morning.

The campaign group confirmed: “22 Just Stop Oil supporters swarmed towards the gates of Downing Street. A number of them attempted to scale the gates while others sat down in the road to block the entrance, some gluing their hands to the tarmac.”

The Met Police confirmed officers were on the scene and “dealing” with protesters in Whitehall and Downing Street and additional footage showed a number of activists being detained by uniformed police.

Earlier this week, the Home Office, the MI5 building, the London Bridge headquarters of News Corp and The Bank of England all became targets of the Just Stop Oil campaign after members of the group doused the buildings in bright orange paint sprayed from fire extinguishers.

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