Sadiq Khan pleads with Londoners to support his £1.5m taxpayer funded NYE light show

London: The O2 hosts fireworks display for New Year's Eve

The London skyline dazzled with a spectacular firework display on Thursday night to mark the end of a dreadful 2020. The secret event was kept under close guard by the London Mayor to avoid large crowds gathering on the banks of the River Thames.  Instead, more than 10 million Britons watched on at home to see the stunning light display, along with more than 300 drones, to showcase a number of significant moments of the year.

At one point during the display, the blue and yellow colours of the European Union were painted onto Tower Bridge.

Above the famous O2 Arena in Greenwich drones also formed the shape of a raised fist – a symbolic gesture linked to the noble Black Lives Matter movement.

The NHS logo inside a heart and Captain Sir Tom Moore were also depicted in the colourful London sky at midnight.

The unique display divided opinion amongst viewers, with some accusing Mr Khan of being “woke” and others hit out at the Labour Mayor for “politicising” the event.

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Amid a backlash, Mr Khan took to Twitter this morning to seek reassurance from Londoners.

Along with a snap shot of a Mail Online article highlighting the “fury” directed at him, Mr Khan wrote: “Anyone else think it was pretty good?”

His comments triggered a mixed response from users on the platform.

One user wrote: “Outrageous, globalist propaganda paid by taxpayers who celebrate New Year ’s Eve.”

Another said: “No. It was an absolute disgrace. I’m glad it happened though. I think a lot of Londoners WOKE up to you last night.”

A third added: “It wasn’t a time for political guff. Londoners can all get on, we always have, but you’ve done more in your time to ruin things.”

But, others praised Mr Khan and said they enjoyed the display, one user said: “I loved it soooooo much! It was absolutely wonderful.”

Another added: “It was excellent. You’re annoying all the right people.”

The 10-minute event was narrated on the BBC and began with a poem which set the theme, it said: “In the year of 2020 a new virus came our way; We knew what must be done and so to help we hid away.”

A number of light-hearted moments were also featured, including references to some of the so-called “new normals” of 2020.

The sounds of a video calls starting up were heard and the familiar words of “You’re on mute!”, were also sounded as a mute logo filled the night sky.


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The show ended with a message from national treasure Sir David Attenborough who stressed how “fragile” planet Earth is and insisted now is the time for change.

In a statement following the event, Mr Khan said: “I’m proud that the eyes of the world turned to our capital to see a unique drone, lighting and firework show that reflected on the defining moments of this year, paid tribute to our NHS heroes and the way that Londoners continue to stand together, and showed why our city is the greatest in the world.

“We showed how our capital and the UK have made huge sacrifices to support one another through these difficult times, and how they will continue to do so as the vaccine is rolled out.”

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