Sadiq Khan savaged for ‘murder of London ecosystem’ as capital lockdown fears rise

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London mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey took aim at Sadiq Khan for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the capital. While speaking to Dan Wootton on TalkRadio, Mr Bailey claimed the mayor would have significant explaining to do to those who had lost their jobs due to shutting down the city. He added there would be long term impacts on people’s health, employment, and mental health with more stringent measures.

Mr Bailey said: “1000 people a day are losing their jobs in London because our ecosystem is dying in London.

“The chief murderer of our ecosystem is Sadiq Khan.

“I hope in three months time, six months time and 12 months time he is prepared to look everybody in the face whose job he squandered by flip-flopping all over the place.”

TalkRadio host Dan Wootton agreed and said it was clear the difference in the streets of London.

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He said: “Sadiq Khan has started to destroy the city, Shaun.

“There is no one in London anyway, he is blocking off roads, he is giving out fines indiscriminately.

“It is impossible to drive a car in London anymore, it just makes no sense to me.”

Mr Bailey agreed and insisted, during the pandemic, was not the ideal time to shut London down.

He continued: “What doesn’t make sense to me, you and Londoners is why would you shut down London when it is the place to work.

“Remember, it is not about money, it is about health, employment and mental health.

“If you close people off from work for too long they lose all their contacts and some people start to suffer mental health issues when they have been isolated.”

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Earlier this week Mr Khan warned the increasing number of coronavirus cases were pushing London towards further restrictions.

London is due to be placed under tier one of the new coronavirus monitoring system from Wednesday.

But Mr Khan said the rate of infection has been steadily spiking and could result in the Capital being moved on to tier two, and stricter isolation measures, within days.

Speaking on LBC he said: “We think we’re approaching the trigger point and that’s why I’ve been really upfront and straight with Londoners.

“Because of the indicators I’ve seen, over the course of the next few days, we will be going to tier two which is the high tier.”

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