Sainsbury’s in sexism row as shopper wants ‘Big Daddy steak’ renamed

A furious shopper has demanded Sainsbury’s renames its ‘Big Daddy Beef Rump Steak’, branding the terminology “potentially sexist and misogynistic”. Rose Robinson, 38, was left shocked after stumbling across the “wildly inappropriate” steak during her regular shop. She took to social media to vent, describing how she felt “bewildered”.

The mum-of-three, from Norwich, blasted on Facebook: “Misogyny and gender stereotypes no longer have a place in our modern society.

“I’m perplexed and concerned that this ‘Big Daddy’ Rump Steak is named as such.

“I feel that Sainsbury’s could have named it something else, whilst still achieving the same emphasis on the size and stature of the product.

“Man-sized tissues rightfully had to be renamed, yet this is still deemed acceptable? Please Sainsbury’s, rethink and do better, it’s 2023.”

Her post received many comments online, with many calling her frustration an overreaction.

One Facebook user replied: “What is wrong with people? A name is just a name, there are no other meanings to it. Products, including foods, have been given names as long as there have been shops to sell them.”

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Another added: “Are you joking, maybe they should change the daddy to Karen to suit you.”

Ms Robinson told Plymouth Live that the name felt “wrong and unnecessary”, prompting her to speak out and push for change.

She said: “A ‘big daddy’ steak is still on the shelves in Sainsbury’s supermarket in 2023, it just felt wrong and unnecessary.

“I got home and thought ‘oh gosh, have I overreacted?’ and looked up ‘big daddy’ in the urban dictionary to try and gauge a common understanding of the term and it doesn’t even just relate to a masculine power boss, there’s actually a sexual prowess meaning to it.”

She continued: “It just felt wildly inappropriate and I just wasn’t comfortable with it.

 It doesn’t have to be something that’s so negative and potentially sexist and misogynistic in nature.

“I was shocked and just a bit disappointed that in this day and age it was possible for it to make it through whatever channel it had to have made through to get onto the shelves.

“‘Supersized steak’ would have achieved the exact same [impact], there’s marketing executives that are paid good amounts of money to come up with a good name for a product. It doesn’t have to be something that’s so negative and potentially sexist and misogynistic in nature.

She continued: “I’ve had the obvious Karen comment from someone who obviously feels that that’s appropriate or funny, I’m not sure.

“It’s dismissive, it’s an implication that I’m just causing a fuss about nothing. Karen nowadays is commonly accepted as a term for someone who gets easily offended by things when there’s much bigger issues in the world.

“I’m the least Karen-like person I know, honestly. It’s come from someone on the internet that doesn’t know the first thing about me.”

The woman added that, despite writing to the supermarket last Thursday, she is yet to hear back.

She added: “I don’t actually use Facebook, I reactivated a dormant account because I was so wound up by it.

“I just felt like I wanted to do something to bring it to the attention of someone in Sainsbury’s that was able to address it, ironically I don’t think they even noticed it.

“I think the lack of response has certainly made me feel again, a little bit disappointed. I’m shocked and horrified that I’m probably the only person that has brought it to their attention and I really don’t feel like that’s an overreaction on my part.”

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