Sara Sharif's mum savages claims 10-year-old tripped and fell

The heartbroken mother of Sara Sharif has rubbished claims her daughter died after ‘falling down the stairs’ and has demanded her father tell her the truth.

Sara, 10, was found dead at her home in Woking, Surrey on August 10, with detectives confirming that three of her family members had fled to Pakistan the day before she was found.

Her father Urfan Sharif, 41, is thought to be in hiding somewhere in Pakistan along with his partner Beinash Batool, 29, and his 28-year-old brother Faisal Mali, with an international manhunt underway to apprehend them.

Earlier this week, Urfan’s brother Imran Sharif was apprehended by Islamabad authorities and taken in for questioning, where he claimed the youngster had died during an ‘accident’ at home.

He allegedly told officers: ‘Beinash was home with the children. Sara fell down the stairs and broke her neck. Beinash panicked and phoned Urfan.’

But today Olga flatly rejected Imran’s ‘baseless version’ of events, and told the Sun:’If there was an accident you don’t leave the country in secret.’

‘He could have just made that claim to protect his brother and try to stop questions being asked. I don’t think he is being honest,’ she said, and claimed Urfan could have ‘lied’ to his sibling about what happened. 

‘The only person I want answers from is Urfan. He has to be questioned about what’s happened to my daughter,’ she added.

Post-mortem tests could not determine Sara’s cause of death- but revealed the young girl had suffered ‘multiple and extensive injuries,’ which were ‘likely to have been caused over a sustained and extended period of time’.

Olga said she will ‘never have closure’ until she knows the truth about what happened to her daughter and pleaded with her former husband to ‘do the right thing because he can’t hide away forever.

‘Eventually, someone will find him and he will be forced to answer all the questions about what has happened.’

Her comments came as Sara’s heartbroken Polish uncle told MailOnline he was desperate for police to ‘catch the scumbag that killed my niece’,   

The grieving relative, who asked not to be named, revealed how Sharif was a gambler and claimed he is prone to violence – with police often called to the family home in Woking, Surrey, when Sara lived with her real mum Olga.

He even claimed how former taxi driver Sharif even once told Olga during a custody battle over their two children during their divorce to ‘stop complaining or she would be found dead somewhere’.

Earlier this week, Surrey police also confirmed that Sharif was a known figure to them on a ‘historic’ basis, although they refused to elaborate on the details.

Although there is no formal extradition treaty between the UK and Pakistan, Islamabad authorities are reportedly under ‘tremendous pressure’ from the British High Commission to find the fugitives.

Imran Sharif denied knowing where Urfan and his family were, Jhelum police said.

He reportedly told officers: ‘I found out what happened to Sara through the international media. My parents told me Urfan briefly came home very upset. He kept saying ‘they’ are going to take his children away from him.

A police source said: ‘We spoke to Imran and some of the family members last week and they insisted that they did not know where Urfan and his family are.

‘But we don’t believe them, there’s absolutely no way that they can’t know where eight of their relatives who have come from England are. They are telling us a pack of lies.’

They added: ‘We managed to get hold of Imran, but the rest of his family have gone missing. They clearly have something to hide. We have got hold of one of them and will be interrogating him until he tells us the truth.’ 

Olga Sharif, who was married to Urfan between 2009 to 2017, previously urged her ex-husband to ‘come forward and explain himself.’

The bereaved mother says she hopes to bury her child back in her native Poland.

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