Sarah Ferguson gushes over grandchildren – and takes a swipe at Prince Andrew critics

Sarah Ferguson says royal family 'moves together as a unit'

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The Duchess of York, 61, fawned over her two daughters and their children not long after the birth of her second grandchild. She said: “You know it’s pretty incredible, but everyone asks me, ‘How are your grandchildren?’. Well, firstly, I look at my girls being wonderful mothers and then I see these incredible beings.”

She continued to praise her two daughters after a busy year in the York family.

She said: “My children are phenomenal mothers.

“They were great children but now they’re phenomenal mothers.

“And now, I have these two exceptional grandchildren all in one year.”

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Princess Beatrice and Eugenie have both given birth to their first child this year.

Princess Beatrice gave birth to a daughter, Sienna, on September 18; her first child with husband Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi.

Princess Eugenie welcomed her son, August, with husband Jack Brooksbank, on February 21.

Meanwhile she said her seven-month-old grandson August has started “smiling at her’ and appears to find her “genuinely funny”.

She offered a sweet insight into life with her grandson August.

She added: “It’s so funny because when August smiles at me now, because he’s seven and a half months, you actually know he genuinely likes you.

“It’s not a put-on smile, he genuinely finds me very funny which is quite lucky.”

The duchess has been keeping herself busy recently despite the York family newcomers, and revealed she was midway through her second Mills and Boon novel, called ‘A Discerning Lady’.

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She promised that it was “more of a sweeping romance” and that there would be “more bodice ripping” than in her first novel, which was published in August, written alongside author Marguerite Kaye.

During the interview at Henley Literature Festival, she again talked about her grandchildren and her ex-husband, the Duke of York.

She said: “We all three of us keep our feet well on the ground.

“Both Prince Andrew and I feel very, very lucky.

“We have strong family values and these two little naughties are phenomenal enhancers of an already unified family.”

She also revealed some doting advice she gave to her two daughters.

She said: “When you go out of the front door, if you don’t smile then don’t go out of your front door.

“Nobody wants to see a bad tempered princess. The pavement is a public place.”

She also appeared to make a coded swipe at those who have been critical of the children’s grandfather, Prince Andrew.

She said: “Humility is the finest thing you can ever have… to always remember where you have come from, who you are. Face your fears, be kind.

“I really strongly believe in no judgment, just getting on, and it too shall pass.”

In an apparent swipe at those online who have judged the Duke – with whom she still lives in Windsor – and his daughters, she criticised “keyboard warriors”.

She said: “Just stop it, get on, be joyous, be loving and be compassionate.”

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