Sarah Ferguson opens up on her own funeral plans as she vows to break tradition

Sarah Ferguson discusses inheriting Queen’s corgis

Sarah Ferguson has revealed the alternative plans she has for her own funeral on the latest episode of her podcast.

The Duchess of York, speaking on Tea Talks released on Thursday, was discussing the importance of bringing humour where you can when she revealed that she wants this to be the case at her funeral.

She told her co-host and long-time friend Sarah Thomson that she wants everyone to wear bright colours, explaining that wearing black “would not be respecting her wishes” as is often thought.

The 63-year-old grandmother of four told entrepreneur Ms Thomson that the more “bonkers” the ceremony the better as she feels having a sense of humour is paramount in life.

Fergie and Ms Thomson were discussing the importance of “accepting change” and “bringing humour wherever you can” when she made the revelation.

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The Duchess said: “You know when I die Sarah, can you make sure please that everyone’s wearing bright colours?

“And if they think ‘well, that’s not respecting her wishes’ — it is respecting my wishes!

“I do not need black to respect my wishes, and you need to wear your pink handbag, and you need to dance down the aisle, and everybody will think you’re completely bonkers — and that’s perfect.”

She added: “I think it’s taking life earnestly seriously to have a sense of humour.”

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The Duchess has spoken candidly on her new podcast, which she and Ms Thomson launched at the beginning of June, discussing her breast cancer diagnosis at length.

During a routine mammogram, the Duchess was diagnosed with the disease and then underwent an eight-hour-long successful single mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Fergie has remained strong in the face of adversity, telling her listeners on another episode that “the show must go on”.

She urged others not to be complacent and has chosen to speak openly about her diagnosis in a bid to encourage others to get checked.

The mother of two, speaking on another Tea Talks episode released on July 6, added: “It’s really important that — my father was right — the show must go on. But be mindful of each word that you might say or be gentle with yourself and people, and be very grateful…

“I’m prepared to talk about what I’ve been through because it’s going to help others, but if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t talk about it.”

She is now recuperating at Royal Lodge, the royal residence she shares with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.

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