Sarah Ferguson praised for rejecting ‘canned, predictable’ royal norms in letter to fans

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Sarah Ferguson’s dropping of a “royal Easter egg” from her daughter, Princess Beatrice’s wedding has delighted royal commentators. Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed new photos that had been released from the young royal’s nuptials earlier this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the princess’ original event was cancelled in favour of a smaller, private one on the Windsor Castle grounds.

Ms Bowie told listeners: “I love that proud mum Fergie sent a thank you not to everyone who sent well wishes on her daughter’s wedding day.

“The note included a new picture too.

“Actually there are two new pictures that have now been released.

“There’s one of the happy couple holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes, that’s in black and white.”

She continued: “Then there’s another one of the couple walking through a beautiful green field with flowers, very fairy tale-like.

“I also love that the note is so descriptive.

“I feel like most royal replies you get are pretty canned and standard and predictable.

“But the one that Fergie wrote is amazing.”

The Duchess of York’s note read: “It was a glorious day; the sun smiled down on them. We were all delighted to be able to come together and celebrate their love for one another. Beatrice looked stunning and Edo handsome – their love shone through.

“We are so happy to welcome Edo into our family and thank him for his love and devotion to Beatrice.

“Thank you for many years of kindness and loyalty.”

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Beatrice’s July wedding was the first private wedding for nearly 250 years in the Royal Family, and an occasion that the Queen and Prince Philip made sure to be involved in.

Ms Fiorito expressed her joy at Fergie’s note: “Can we have more thank you replies like this?

“I wouldn’t have thought to write Fergie for Beatrice’s wedding.

“But I think that’s so smart because it’s things like this where you get a never-before-seen picture.

“It’s like a royal Easter egg, you don’t expect that at all, so I just love it.”

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