Sarah Ferguson unveils the ‘one word’ she believes can change the world

The One Word Challenge has asked people on social media to spread the message that one word can change the world. It comes as the Duchess has said that she wants to increase support for young people in Saudi Arabia.

Sarah Ferguson took to Twitter and Instagram to say: “At @MiskGlobalForum I took the #OneWord Challenge to take action for the @unitednations SDGs.

“My one word is Joy because I believe that happiness comes in even the smallest packages. I challenge @Caradelevingne @poppydelevingne to take the #OneWordchallenge #ISWU #ItStartsWithUs.”

The former wife of Prince Andrew also had the word ‘joy’ written on her finger in the picture she posted.

Hundreds of people commented on the inspiring post with their word of happiness, which included compassion, hope and peace.

The challenge was part of the forum which is about how all of us can make a difference.

This comes after a video was published on the Instagram account of of the MiskGlobalForum of the Duchess of York telling people to “give your heart to everything you do”. The Duchess said: “I think it’s really important, I’m so diversified that all the old wizards of life have said to me. “You need to be focused, only focus on one thing and I’m saying ‘no, keep your open mind’!”

She said: “And if you want to write a book, write a book, if you want to make tea, make tea but really just give your heart to everything you do.”

Around 5,000 people from across 120 countries have joined Sarah Ferguson at the Misk Global Forum.

The forum held in Riyadh aims to explore new trends in the world of work.

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During the two days, the speakers and participants involved will develop practices and empower youth so they are able to meet the challenge of change in a new era of work.

Misk Global Forum CEO Al-Shaymaa Hamiduddeen said: “The subject of the forum this year “Work Reworked” will explore many ways to enhance creativity and build skills for a new world of work.”

She added: “The Forum will be an international platform bringing together nascent companies (startups), established global innovators, counsellors and policy makers.”

Speaking to The National at the forum, the Duchess of York said she is setting up talks with ministers to help support care for young people in Saudi Arabia.


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The Duchess said to the Saudi Arabian publication: ”I love this visual of riding into a small town on a horse, sort of Buffalo Bill comes to town, and then I get off my horse, as a humble way of transportation, and say how can I help?”

“I don’t know if you remember Mary Poppins, she says ‘we mustn’t make pie crust promises – easily made and easily broken.”

Jameela Jamil has said her one word is courage.

She said: “In support of @unitednations My #OneWord is courage, because it’s what we need to overthrow the systems that oppress us. I need you to remember our force when we fight back together. Join me in this challenge and help me change the world – what’s your one word?


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