School BANS pupils from having beards or facial hair in rigid uniform policy

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St Benedict Catholic Academy in Darley Abbey, Derby, said facial hair is no longer allowed and must be removed. However, students and their parents have started a campaign to scrap the rule as they feel it denies children “diversity, pride and individual fashion choices”.

Speaking to Derbyshire Live, one pupil said: “Upon being told male students need to remove facial hair, multiple students have come together to form a petition.

“Why should a school so focused on diversity, unique students and independence force students to remove their facial hair?

“Their diversity, pride and individual fashion choices are being taken away and nothing is being done to prevent this.”

A petition under the title “save a beard” has been created.

The school’s uniform policy reads: “Boys – please note – facial hair is NOT permitted.”

Kevin Gritton, headteacher of the school rated as Good by Ofsted, said: “Facial hair is not allowed, unless it is required for religious reasons, and this is part of our well publicised uniform policy.”

The school did not say why facial hair – beards, moustaches or sideburns – are not allowed and many other schools do not bother to mention facial hair in the policies at all.

And parents of children at he school have reacted with anger online.

“The schools should focus on teaching and not on student looks what a joke,” reads one Facebook comment.

“Prisoners can have beards. Sounds like schools a punishment for being born,” another message states.

That’s stupid. it’s not makeup. So long as it’s kept tidy,” a third person wrote.

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