Schoolgirl told by classmates ‘we want to kill you’ over Russian mum

A British schoolgirl was told by classmates that they wanted to “kill her” because her mother comes from Russia. Yuliya Coleman said her nine-year-old daughter Mila was threatened by boys in her class over her Russian heritage. The Russian-born NHS physio told “One of the days she was really upset coming back from school… the boys in her class said that they want to kill her because she’s Russian”.

“That was quite severe, but that was dealt [with] very well by the school”, she added.

“I did write the letter of complaint to [the] school and I went to speak to the teacher about it and they actually ran the assembly about it as well.”

Yuliya, who came to the UK in August 2000 and is married to an Englishman, heaped praise on Clare House Primary School in Beckenham, where Mila attends.

“She came home after school and she was very upset”, she said. “Of course, we discussed what happened at school and then she told me this story. So I spoke to the teacher about it and the school was amazing, they did deal with it extremely well.” has contacted Clare House Primary School for comment.

Yuliya, who is strongly opposed to the Kremlin’s invasion, was born in central Russia off the vast Volga River before her parents were “allocated jobs” in Ukraine by authorities in the USSR.

Despite being in Britain for nearly 23 years, Yuliya speaks with a Russian accent, something she says has begun to generate tension at work.

“It definitely changed, the perception of Russians [after the invasion] definitely changed”, she said. “I see many patients during my working day and before the invasion… they would ask me where I come from because of my accent.

“Usually the comments were like ‘oh you’re from Russia, how interesting’, and then they would move on to talk about Russian culture, Russian literature, or maybe classical composers, or they would say something like ‘From Russia With Love’ as [kind of] James Bond banter”, she added.

“But ever since the invasion, it’s like really really awkward to say that I’m from Russia”.

The Beckenham-based physio continued: “When I do get brave enough and I say that I’m from Russia, then I get something like ‘you know we don’t want to talk about Russians now’. One particular patient told me… ‘we don’t like Russians over here now’.”

Despite the sharp-tongued remarks from some patients, Yuliya says she doesn’t take it “personally”.

“I don’t get very upset by it because I totally understand the situation is very difficult”, she said.

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In Russia yesterday, President Vladimir Putin attended the ceremony for the Defender of the Fatherland Day, after attending a pro-war rally at the Luzhniki Stadium.

The Russian leader was present at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Eternal Flame and the Unknown Soldier’s Grave in the Alexander Garden in Moscow this morning.

Defender of the Fatherland Day, originally Day of the Red Army, was made a national non-working holiday by Putin in 2002.

It is believed to take place on 23 February because that was the day in 1918 when most volunteers allegedly enlisted in the Red Army.

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