Schoolgirl vomits and left traumatised after falling face-first into dog poo

A little girl was left crying and vomiting after stumbling face-first into dog mess on the pavement.

Emelia, aged five, was walking home from school with mum, Sarah Varley, yesterday when she took a tumble outside Shroggs Park, in Halifax.

To make matters worse, she fell on top of a large pile of dog poo that went on Emelia’s school top, hands, face and even in her mouth.

The faeces had been covered up by some leaves in the middle of the path.

Sarah, from Boothtown, told Yorkshire Live: ‘The smell made her sick. She’s a really gaggy kid as it is. Any smell will make her gag. She has a fear of germs.’

Emelia was cleaned up by her mum and, thankfully, has not become seriously ill.

Sarah, a pet owner, has vowed to report the incident to the council, as she called out dog walkers in the area for not picking up after their pets.

Pet owners and walkers who do not clean up after their dogs can face on-the-spot fines of up to £100.

Sarah said: ‘It’s disgusting. We have two dogs and always pick up after them.

‘It’s a nightmare near the school. People walk past to take the dogs onto the park but don’t pick up the mess. They shouldn’t have dogs if they won’t clean up after them.’

Contact with dog faeces can be dangerous for humans, as it could lead to Toxocariasis.

The infection mostly causes stomach pain, a cough or a temperature, but can occasionally result in problems with the brain, eyes, lungs or liver.

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