Scottish Power fiasco as freezing family left without power for days

A mother and her two children struggled without heating and electricity for three days as temperatures plummeted.

Lisa-Marie Briggs’ gas went off on Sunday despite her being in credit. Her mart meter was swapped the next day but, just 24 hours later, the mum lost her electricity too. 

Despite arranging to come out four times, Scottish Power failed to turn up by Wednesday evening. It left Freya, eight, and six-year-old Daniel and their mum struggling in the dark and cold at their home in Middlesbrough, Teesside.

Speaking to Teesside Live, Lisa-Marie said: “It has been an absolute nightmare. I can’t believe this is happening. My youngest was asking me to turn the lights on because he was frightened of the dark and I had to say I couldn’t.”

The energy provider fixed the issue on Thursday evening and apologised. It says it will now compensate Lisa-Marie.

But Lisa-Marie, a beauty student, is frustrated because she was four times told by Scottish Power call handlers to stay in because an engineer would be coming round, but four times they didn’t turn up.

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As well as being left in freezing conditions with no electricity, Lisa-Marie said she had a full freezer of food which will now have to be thrown away and she also missed two of her exams at college waiting in for the engineers, which she will now have to pay to resit.

The mum said she has lived in her home for six years and has always been a Scottish Power customer for both gas and electricity, with pre-payment meters. She said the problems began last month when the company insisted the meters had to be changed to smart meters.

She said: “I was told I would get a code so I could top up, but it never came.” She said she was telephoning Scottish Power about it every day, but was being told she was on a pay monthly tariff, but that hasn’t been sorted out either.

“I know mistakes are made, but this is just ridiculous, I feel like I’m getting nowhere with it. I’m happy to pay either way, I just want my gas and electricity on.”

Lisa-Marie said her account is showing she is £73 in credit, but the meters are not registering this, causing the gas and electricity to go off. She added that on Monday when they changed the meter, they took her old meter away which had £27 in credit on and she has been told by Scottish Power she can’t get that back.

A spokesperson for Scottish Power said: “We are sorry for the inconvenience Ms Briggs has experienced. We have now replaced her electricity meter and issued a fuel voucher for gas. We are discussing a goodwill payment to compensate.”

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