Shaun Bailey pleads with ‘hotheads’ not to destroy progress of Black Lives Matter protests

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Shaun Bailey called for protesters to exercise their right safely and stated that a riot would demean the life of George Floyd during an interview with Mr Bailey warned of the danger that a “few hotheads” could destroy the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter protests by doing something ridiculous.   

Mr Bailey said: “If we have a protest that becomes a riot or something else, I think they demean the life of George Floyd.

“His family has called for calm, I think we should all respect.

“Also, it will undermine the point that the wider community is trying to make, both black and white.

“It will undermine that and nobody wants to do that.

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“If a few hotheads destroy what is a very legitimate protest, I will be upset and so will many others.”

He continued: “I say this directly to people that are attending, you have the whole of your life ahead of you, don’t make this tragedy reflect again in your life by doing something ridiculous that then effects your future.

“You have the right to protest, it is part of our British way of life, exercise that right but please do it safely.

“We cannot protect you if you go out and do something silly, please protest in a grown-up civil manner.”   

During the same interview with, the Conservative Party’s candidate for London Mayor outlined why Black Lives Matter protesters are willing to take a “life-threatening risk” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Bailey stated the magnitude of the Black Lives Matter movement means people are willing to risk their health in order to take a stand because “it needs to be done”.

He said: “The Government has been quite clear about social distancing and I would argue that certainly from what I have seen here in London and large parts of the country, people are observing that.

“Because they want to keep themselves safe they are taking a personal responsibility to do it but this is such a big issue for the black community, young people and the wider community.”

Mr Bailey continued: “I guarantee when you see the protests it won’t just be black people, it will be everyone saying we want the police and our police particularly to be responsible and to be policing by consent.

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“I think it is such a big issue that people are willing to take the risk, a very serious potentially life-threatening risk to make their point about this.

“I also think it needs to be done as well in some sense as we must have an outlet for this amount of pressure.

“If there is no outlet for this, it will manifest itself in weird and unusual ways that we wouldn’t want to happen.

“So I think a peaceful protest and that is the key thing, a peaceful protest is important.”  

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