‘She was entitled to feel safe’ Bouncers jailed for raping woman on Christmas night out

Man City’s Benjamin Mendy charged with rape and sexual assault

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During a trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Judge Dean Kershaw said that the two men took advantage of the fact that the woman was drunk. Iyoseph Derry, 33 was found guilty of raping the woman, as well as for aiding and abetting her rape from the other defendant, and he was jailed for ten years. 

Hassan Bockarie, 34, was convicted of one charge of rape, and was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in jail.

The woman was with her sister and colleagues at Banjul club in Wolverhampton on December 15, 2018, where she met the two men.

In a statement, the woman said that following the incident, she was not the same person she was.

She said she has had several breakdowns, stopped going out and was on edge all the time.

Judge Kershaw told the convicts: “Both of you took advantage of a woman who was, on that night, friendly, outgoing, and amenable.

“Effectively she was a stranger to both of you and she was taken to an area she was unfamiliar with.”

He said Derry raped her in a car and the second rape took place about an hour later in Bockarie’s flat.

“Both of you planned to take her in the car and back to the flat and have sexual intercourse with either one or both of you.”

The judge said “(Bockarie) raped her and Derry encouraged him”

He said Derry had made a sexually explicit comment and “Bockarie found that comment funny and reacted by laughing”.

“She was entitled to feel safe. You both saw she was drunk and getting more and more so as the night went on.

“You targeted her for that reason.”

He added: “This was a sustained incident and she was particularly vulnerable because of her personal circumstances.”

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He also said that, the defendants, with their acts, had brought into disrepute the reputation of doormen.

Rob Cowley, for Derry, said there was no evidence he had provided alcohol to facilitate the offence, as well as that his partner was standing by him and there was another side to him.

Graham Henson, for Bockarie, said that the crime was not gang rape, although “it was an unpleasant aspect” that the defendants were two.

He added that his client had no relevant recent convictions and did not have anything to do with the rape of the woman by the other defendant in the car.

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