Sheep run for their lives down residential street after 'escaping abattoir'

Sheep that were apparently destined for the slaughterhouse have taken matters into their own hands and made a defiant dash for freedom.

The flock of around 25 sheep were filmed legging it down a residential street followed by what appeared to be an abattoir worker in Birmingham yesterday.

In what was seemingly a last ditch attempt to save themselves, the sheep can be seen running down Poplar Road in Sparkbrook in between rows of parked cars.

The animals are thought to have escaped from nearby Leansale slaughterhouse which is just a two minute walk away.

A man can be seen chasing the flock wearing butcher overalls as they do their best to get away from him.

But a worker at the slaughterhouse today claimed ‘he knew nothing about’ any escape attempt.

Bemused locals spotted the great escape and cheered on the sheep, urging them to ‘run as fast as you can.’

Animal rights group PETA branded the animals ‘ambassadors’ for others. Director Elisa Allen said: ‘Run, sheep, run! This flock of sheep has shown ingenuity and determination, and if whoever owns them has a grain of compassion, they must grant them their freedom.

‘They are someone, not stew; they are characters, not chops; and these sheep are ambassadors for the rest still destined for slaughter.’

It’s not known what happened to the sheep and whether they were later captured.

West Midlands Police have been contacted for comment.

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