‘She’s always there’ Diana still ‘haunts’ Royal Family as Camilla title under question

A pocket of society still 'reveres' Princess Diana says Ian Lloyd

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A royal biographer has urged the public to “move on” from the past, as a number of people still “revere” the late Princess Diana, who tragically died in a car accident in 1997. Due to her history with Prince Charles, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall has struggled to build her popularity, and her future title as potential Queen Consort remains in doubt. Speaking to, Ian Lloyd claimed it was like “the first wife haunting the second” as Diana still remains a popular figure in modern-day society. 

In recent years, there has been increased speculation that Camilla might be announced as Queen Consort once Charles ascends to the throne. 

Ahead of their wedding in 2005, Clarence House issued a statement to say that Camilla would be known as the Princess Consort when her husband became king, however, this has since been removed from the couple’s official website.

Mr Lloyd, who has written several biographies of the Royal Family, told the “Why they’re holding back, of course, is there’s still a feeling about Diana, and of course next year is 25 years since the death of Diana and she’s always there.

“It’s a bit like the first wife haunting the second, there’s a certain pocket of society that still reveres Diana.

“But time goes on and there’s younger people now who don’t really know the impact Diana had because you’ve got to be 30 or more to remember a time when Diana was around and the fact that every day she was on the front of the papers.

“I think it’s mainly older people that very much remember Diana and revere what she did and so on.

“It’s unfortunate I think for Camilla that there is this past history with Charles, people automatically think of Charles and think of Diana and the failed marriage, rather than what he’s done that is valuable. We can’t be obsessed with the past and I do think we have to move on.”

In recent years, a number of portrayals of Diana have been televised, including the popular Netflix series The Crown and the new movie Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as the late princess. 

Camilla Parker-Bowles' 'thug move' to Diana after engagement

Whilst its last season focused on the early years of Charles and Diana’s marriage, the upcoming fifth season of The Crown has drawn controversy over its reported portrayal of Diana during the final years of her life. 

With Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki playing Diana and Dominic West taking on the role of Charles, the series is expected to cover the breakdown of their marriage and her infamous interview with BBC journalist Martin Bashir. 

It will likely spark renewed interest in the relationship between Charles and Camilla, which was heavily criticised during the 1990s. 

The couple had first met in 1971 and embarked upon a romantic relationship. They went on to marry other people, but remained close friends and resumed their relationship in 1986 after cracks had emerged in their marriages to Andrew Parker-Bowles and Princess Diana. 

Their affair was exposed in 1992 after Diana collaborated with biographer Andrew Morton for the bombshell book ‘Diana: Her True Story’.


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A recorded intimate phone conversation between them was also leaked to the press, and Diana openly spoke of their affair during her BBC interview, famously saying: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”.

By the time of Diana’s tragic death in 1997 following a car accident, Camilla’s popularity with the British public had hit an all-time low and Charles hired a special public relations executive to help rehabilitate her image. 

The couple have now been married for over 16 years, and in recent years, the duchess has taken on a more significant role within The Firm. 

She is now regarded as one of the most reliable members of the monarchy and according to YouGov, is ranked as the 10th most popular royal. 

Her charity work to raise awareness of osteoporosis has won her several awards, and she has also been praised for her work with victims of rape and domestic abuse. 

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