Sisters fight in court over mother’s £500k lockdown will

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She pointed to a text Helyn sent a week earlier which said: “I am no longer prepared to knock myself out for you to ­benefit from half the house when mum does eventually pass on. While I’m more than happy to look after mum, I am not prepared to do it for you to ­ultimately benefit from it.

“My financial gain from mum’s estate has been 28.5p per hour so far for 24/7 intensive care from attendance allowance. You have f***ed my life over for too long and it stops now.” Betty died aged 89 in July 2021, a month after signing the new will in Selsey, West Sussex.

Julie is asking London’s High Court for an order upholding a 2015 will which split the estate equally.

Her lawyer said Betty was mentally vulnerable and there had been no falling out with Julie to make her change the will. But judge Deputy Master Bowles demanded a copy of the earlier will and medical evidence about Betty’s mental state.

The case continues.

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