‘Snowflake excuses!’ Charlie Mullins rages he’d sack anyone asking to work at home in heat

Charlie Mullins and Owen Jones involved in heated Vine clash

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Brits across the UK have been urged to work from home as temperatures are set to soar into the high 30s in some areas on Monday, while Tuesday is predicted to be even hotter, with temperatures possibly reaching 40C (104F). But Charlie Mullins has branded people who want to work from home as “snowflakes”. Daily Mirror journalist Kevin Maguire took on the comments.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine show, Mr Maguire said: “There is a legal requirement to ensure there are reasonable working conditions and there will be cases when it is too hot to work.”

Mr Mullins hit back: “We’ve got all the conditions at work possible.

“You’re talking rubbish. Obviously, we don’t get on because obviously you’re got no common sense about the workplace.”

Mr Maguire slammed: “Enjoy your Spanish holiday home as you denounce Britain is becoming a lazy nation.”

Mr Mullins added: “I’m not on Holiday. I’m in Spain working with some villas. Get your facts right.

“That’s your problem, mate. You just open your mouth, you should check things out first.”

He previously said: “It’s another excuse just like Covid, people just want to stay at home.

“The economy is in a bad mess at the moment and why would we be better off being at home.

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“You’ve got air conditioning there, you’ve got supplies of water there.

“The only reason they want to be at home is so they can sit in the sun.

“We’re opening the floodgates for all the snowflakes.”

The rise in temperatures has forced the UK Health Security Agency to issue a level 4 heat-health alert – described as an “emergency” – while the Met Office has issued the UK’s first red extreme heat warning for a large part of England, with both covering Monday and Tuesday.


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Reduced railway services and slower running times of trains have been put in place amid fears of rails buckling in the heat, with customers being advised to only travel if necessary on Monday and Tuesday.

In London, there were also reduced services on the Tube and calls for people to only travel if necessary.

Network Rail will close the East Coast Main Line between noon and 8pm on Tuesday for all locations between London King’s Cross and York and Leeds, with passengers warned not to travel.

Some schools in several counties, including Nottinghamshire and Hampshire, are closed.

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