SNP warned it risks collapse of support if they refuse to accept ‘once in generation vote’

Richard Holden, the Conservative MP for North West Durham, told the British public is “fed up” of referendums following the drawn-out Brexit process over the last three years. Mr Holden said the first referendum on Scottish independence in 2014 was “clear” and “decisive” and the issue was resolved for a generation.    

Mr Holden said: “I think the British public and the Scottish public are fed up of referendums.

“I think we have seen the constitutional years of bickering that Brexit has brought.

“The referendum in Scotland was pretty clear, pretty decisive.

“It was meant to be a once in a generation vote.

“I think that is exactly where it should be.

“I believe that actually you will support for the SNP drop away in the future.”

During the same interview, Mr Holden told the Labour Party must address “two fundamental issues” before it can contemplate getting back into power.

Mr Holden said: “It is my job to keep Labour out of power as long as possible but quite frankly they are doing quite a good job of it themselves.

“I think they face two fundamental issues at however they go at this leadership election.

“One is that they don’t learn the lesson of the last election.

“I think if they go with somebody like Keir Starmer then they are not going to move on from that Brexit debate.

“They are going to be just focusing again on their London, metropolitan elite.

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“They are going to be ignoring the voters who are their traditional base.

“So until they can get to grips with the fact that their voters have left them I think they are going to have a real problem.”

Prior to the 2019 general election, the constituency of North West Durham had never been represented by a Tory MP.

The Labour Party had held North West Durham since its creation in 1950.

North West Durham was not the only northern constituency that elected a Conservative representative for the first time in the 2019 December general election. 

Bishop Auckland and Blyth Valley are other constituencies that have a Tory MP for the first time since their creation. 

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