Soldier demoted after harassing ex and showing up at her house to propose

A soldier has been demoted after he showed up on his ex-girlfriend’s doorstep and proposed to her after she had ended their relationship, blocked him on social media and said she never wanted to see him again. 

Corporal Philip Dragon, 33, turned up at Chloe Haynes’ house, surrounded himself with candles and proposed to her with an engagement ring. Ms Haynes told him she did not want to see him anymore when she tried to leave after an argument and he grabbed her arm and left her with a bruise. 

William Peters, prosecuting,told the court that the couple had an argument and ‘he begged her to stay and she refused, saying that she wanted to go. When she asked him to take her home he grabbed her arm, causing her to be scared and leaving a bruise.

‘She told him she didn’t want to see him again. He sent her 55 texts, sent her gifts, flowers and sent her letters.’ 

The corporal harassed Ms Haynes from June until July and then went to her house in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and proposed to her. 

Bulford Military Court handed him restraining orders preventing him from contacting the women, demoted him to Lance Corporal, gave him a 60-day detention suspended for two years. 

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‘It’s rather sad behaviour for a man of his age,’ said Judge Advocate General Alan Large said.

Corporal Dragon, from Tidworth, Wiltshire, has a history of harassing women as he also crossed boundaries with Lance Corporal Jade Brisband from January to March.

When she ended their three-week relationship he showed up at her house unannounced and uninvited four times and created different social media accounts to speak to her and flooded her with messages. 

Mr Peters said: ‘She felt under constant pressure, felt fear and felt harassed that he would not leave her alone.

‘In police interview, he accepted the facts but described himself as a hopeless romantic and wanted to rekindle their relationship.’

The Corporal, who has been a soldier for 16 years and served two tours in Iraq, is something of a social media star who has 157,000 followers on TikTok and a similarly large following on Instagram. 

He has posted videos ranting about how women treat men, videos denouncing feminism and reposted videos mocking women’s football teams wanting equal pay to men.

He has also made jokes about having sex with a woman’s mother on social media.

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Trevor Line, defending, said: ‘His unwarranted contact with both of them arose out of him wishing to rekindle his relationship.

‘They are messages that did not contain threats or nasty words, they are him stating his undying love for them.

‘He is, as he sees it, a rejected boyfriend to show his affection for them…. He was not planning to cause harassment, he was planning to contact them to rekindle the relationship.’

Judge Advocate General Alan Large said the Corporal was ‘besotted’ and warned him not to commit further ‘possessive behaviour’.

‘There was no evil or malice but he just could not stop himself. One might take the view that it’s rather sad behaviour for a man of his age.’

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