Sophie Wessex news: Sophie Wessex is a secret shopper for the Queen

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Over the years, the Countess of Wessex has formed an increasingly close bond with her mother-in-law, the Queen. She was welcomed into the Family in 1999 after marrying the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward. Since then the couple have welcomed two children, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, of whom the Queen is also a big fan.

Ever since then, royal observers have caught on to how much time the Queen spends with Sophie.

This was further proved when the countess revealed the affectionate nickname she calls the Queen by.

In a touching speech, Sophie addressed the Queen as “Mama”.

The 55-year-old Countess, who is often described as the “Queen’s favourite”, has gone from a supporting player in the Royal Family to a more prominent fixture.

She has been praised for her commitment to public service, her support to the Queen and to her husband, Prince Edward.

And now it appears as though Sophie does a bit more for the Queen than just be her rock of support.

Known to buy the occasional outfit for Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Wessex is also now a secret shopper for the Queen herself.

Shirt maker Emma Willis disclosed that the Countess of Wessex is among her customers – and she doesn’t just shop for her own needs.

Ms Willis said: “I have made many, many clothes for the Countess of Wessex – when I used to do a full women’s collection.

“She bought a shirt for her husband, Prince Edward, once.

“And she also bought a shirt for her mother-in-law, so I have made a shirt for the Queen.”

Ms Willis added that the Countess of Wessex is a big supporter of the British fashion and clothing industry.

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The designer said: “Sophie is very involved with the London College of Fashion, so she has been involved with all their new developments.”

One former royal equerry revealed just how close the Countess is to her mother-in-law.

When she’s staying at Sandringham, the Queen will always ask Sophie to join her in the car on the way to church.

The former equerry said: “If Sophie Wessex is staying at Sandringham then you can pretty much guarantee the Queen will ask her – usually last thing on a Saturday night – if she would like a ‘lift’ to the church.

“And the same happens at Balmoral. The Queen likes to be completely calm before church and she finds Sophie’s presence soothing.

“Who gets the backseat is also one of those quirky royal ways that signals who’s in favour – for example Princess Anne may be staying at the same time, but how often do you see her in the Rolls?”

A senior royal aide said Sophie was extremely trusted by the monarch, in a way “I couldn’t say applied to the Duchess of Cambridge or the Duchess of Cornwall”.

The aide added: “She is like another daughter to Her Majesty, they are that close.”

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