Sophie Wessex shows off caring side as she cradles rabbit on visit

Sophie, Countess of Wessex has shown her caring side in adorable photographs of her holding a rabbit during her latest public appearance in Hampshire. The royal visited The Countryside Education Trust in Beaulieu, where she was introduced to several rabbits.

Established in 1975, The Countryside Education Trust’s mission is to connect people with the countryside.

In the photographs, Sophie appears fascinated as she receives a tour of the organisation’s premises from three children wearing colourful farm jumpsuits.

Sophie has publicly shown her love for animals many times before. Last week, she was pictured at the Guide Dogs hub in the run-up to World Book Day. 

At the Hub, she met some of the guide dogs, including an energetic black pet who licked her face. 

After her visit to the Guide Dogs hub, the organisation took to social media to share a few snaps of the occasion.

One Twitter user noted how dogs “recognise kind, genuine and down to earth people”. They added “The Countess of Wessex is certainly one of those”.

Today, the royal was also complimented for the “terrific” outdoor outfit she wore for the visit in Hampshire. She was pictured in a cosy softshell, outdoor jacket with a comfortable wool scarf.

One royal fan remarked on Twitter: “I love Sophie! The fringe on her scarf is terrific—but managing to hold onto a squirming rabbit and smile so warmly while under a downpour apparently another one of her superpowers.” 

Sophie, who owns two pups with the Earl of Wessex, is well-known for her love of dogs.

She owns a black Labrador and a Cocker Spaniel. She has been seen regularly walking the dogs on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

While visiting The Countryside Education Trust, the countess met with The Lord Montagu of Beaulieu for her official opening of The Fort Climate Centre.

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