St Andrews skinny dip: Students strip off for traditional May Day dip

Students from the University of St Andrews got up early this morning to watch the sunrise and take part in the traditional May Day dip.

The annual event sees pupils brave the freezing temperatures of the North Sea to go for a swim as a part of a good luck tradition.

Hundreds of people descended on East Sands in Scotland for the dawn event which takes place on May 1 – before the start of exams.

Leaving their clothes on the beach, half-dressed, and sometimes naked, men and women ran into the freezing waters to splash around in the sea.

Bare bodies could be seen in every direction as the sun rose over a bitterly cold Scotland this morning.

One group of female friends were pictured cupping their bare breasts with their hands as they waded through the waters in nothing but their knickers.

Huge smiles lit up their faces as larked about in the surf.

Naked bottoms were out in force as a group of nude men ran into the sea.

Other pictures show bikini-clad women making their way though the shallow waters as the beautiful sun rises in the background bathing the swimmers in a glorious morning glow.

Fresh-faced students posed for photographs in their swimwear to mark the occasion.

Traditional May Day celebrations will take place all over the country today to mark the start of spring.

As May Day falls on a Wednesday this year, the bank holiday has been moved to the following Monday and so will take place on May 6.

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