‘Stick to your day job!’ Sadiq Khan accused of ‘schmoozing’ USA as London ‘falls apart’

Ann Widdecombe slams Sadiq Khan for cannabis comments

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The Mayor of London has been on tour in the United States for the last several days in what he claims is an attempt to boost London’s tourism sector. However, writer and broadcaster Charlie Peters claimed the trip was a “vanity” project and said that Mr Khan should sort out the problems at home rather than gallivant abroad.

Mr Peters also lashed out at Mr Khan for getting involved in the debate surrounding free speech in the US, in particular the claims that Elon Musk would end former President Donald Trump’s Twitter ban.

He said: “Although Khan claims he is in the US to ‘bang the drum for London’, Trump-bashing has been a recurring theme of his tour. Addressing students at Stanford University, Khan blamed Trump for a rise in racist abuse on Twitter.

“He also said Trump should not be allowed to return to Twitter when it is taken over by Elon Musk, calling on tech companies to use their algorithms to shut down more ‘hate speech’ online.

“Just think about all this for a moment. In London, the Tube is in financial turmoil, violent crime is hurtling towards near-record levels and nihilistic stabbings have become depressingly common.”

He added: “Meanwhile, our mayor is in California, trying to get US tech firms to restrict more free speech on the internet.”

Mr Peters also took aim at the Mayor of London’s appointment of something he called the London Drugs Commission to look into legalising marijuana, something he has no power to do nationally in the UK.

During a visit to a cannabis dispensary and cultivation centre in downtown Los Angeles, where cannabis is legal, Mr Khan praised the “high standards” and “heavy regulation” of the industry. He said that there needed to be an “honest conversation” about legalisation in the UK.

Home Secretary Priti Patel took to Twitter to remind Mr Khan of the problems facing London while he was on his tour.

She said: “Sadiq Khan’s time would be better spent focusing on knife and drug crime in London.

“The Mayor has no powers to legalise drugs. They ruin communities, tear apart families and destroy lives.”

Mr Peters echoed the Home Secretary’s comments, hinting that the Mayor may be promoting policy changes for political capital.

Writing for, he said: “No one appears to have told Khan that he doesn’t actually have the power to change national drug policy.

“But, with his eyes set on loftier heights, he is clearly trying to develop his national and international profile and campaign for policy changes he’d like to see.”

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Cannabis is currently a Class B drug in the United Kingdom with a maximum sentence of five years for possession.

Mr Khan has said that he has taken the trip in order to boost tourism in the capital which lost £7.4billion in revenue in 2020.

The tour kicks off the £10million “Let’s Do London” initiative which aims to attract big-spending US tourists to visit London.

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