Stonehenge: English Heritage begin restoration work on famous prehistoric monument

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Lintels will be repaired and crumbling mortar from 1950s work replaced in a two-week project at the 4,500-year-old Wiltshire site. Experts hope no more repairs will be needed this century.

Heather Sebire, senior curator with English Heritage, said Stonehenge lintels are unique due to “special joints, which prehistoric builders fitted together almost like Lego or Ikea furniture today”.

She added: “Four and a half thousand years of being buffeted by wind and rain has created cracks and holes in the surface of the stone, and this vital work will protect the features which make Stonehenge so distinctive.”

Richard Woodman-Bailey, 71, who was eight when he put a 1958 halfpenny under one of the sarsen stones during restoration work in the 1950s has been invited by the heritage body to place a 2021 coin beneath one lintel.

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