Stop online scam! Celebrities urge PM to include fake ads in Online Safety Bill

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Holly Willoughby, Sir Richard Branson, Dawn French and consumer expert Martin Lewis have all joined Deborah in signing an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The signees have all had their names and faces used by scammers in online advertising to lure victims into fraudulent schemes.

Deborah, 62, said: “With the growing sophistication of online fraud, it has become glaringly obvious that the Government needs to now step in to stop criminals taking advantage of people and destroying their finances.

“For too long, people have fallen victim to scams because they trusted that myself and others were behind these false ads.

“It’s not enough for us to warn people through the media. Something needs to be done to stop the ads appearing in the first place. Online scam advertising must be regulated and it must be included in the Online Safety Bill.”

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