Stranger offers to pay for damage to pregnant NHS worker's car after break-in

A stranger has offered to help a pregnant NHS worker after her car was broken into and her shopping stolen during her day off.

Becky Jones, 30, had been out for dinner when she returned to Nottingham Arena car park to find her passenger window completely smashed. The culprit had also stolen bags of brand new maternity clothes from inside her vehicle.

The clinical biochemist, who works at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, then filmed herself in tears, telling the opportunistic thieves that it was ‘good to know there are still people out there who will take advantage people like me’ amid the pandemic. She added: ‘Thank you, you really are the pride of Britain.’

Her video was then spotted by a stranger who contacted her on Facebook to offer to pay for the damage to her car. In his message, the man wrote: ‘My family are all hard-working and dedicated members of the NHS similar to yourself.

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‘I personally think you are all utterly amazing unsung heroes for everything you do, not just during this Covid crisis.

‘I would like to cover the price of the replacement window and the maternity clothes so hopefully it restores your feelings that there are some good people out here in the world.

‘I just think heroes like you might need a helping hand from time to time.’

Describing the impact of the man’s message, Ms Jones said she wasn’t bothered about replacing the window or the clothes, but was more touched by the fact he said ‘what I was doing was really brave’.

She stated that his message had ‘made all the difference’ after the incident.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police confirmed that officers are investigating the break-in.

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