Street left ‘like a warzone’ by water company

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Furious residents say roadworks carried out for Severn Trent Water have left their street “a warzone”.

The water company is carrying out pipe replacement works on 15 streets across various parts of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, over the next 11 months.

Photographs show large parts of a residential street cordoned off with roadworks furniture.

And Severn Trent says the operation is already two weeks behind as after workers have encountered “particularly hard rock”.

Matt Smith, who lives on the street, said: “The area looks like a warzone. My partner drives and she can’t park anywhere.

“They didn’t consult on the work. They just sent a letter saying this is what we’re doing – there was no choice over it.”

The delay means buses will not return to the neighbourhood until the new year, Stoke-on-Trent Live reports.

Severn Trent is also monitoring the size of the rubble spoil heap on the street.

Marian Hargreaves, who lives on an adjacent road, said: “I’m not very happy about it because nobody can get in my drive now. I live on my own and need access to that drive.

“We got a letter through and that’s that. I know the work has got to be done but it’s just inconvenient.

“With not being able to access my drive I’m stuck because my family can’t get to do any shopping and I’m having to rely on neighbours to do my shopping which is not good.”

Charles Bailey, who lives nearby, added: “It does really affect me, but I’ll just follow the diversion.

“It’s a bit annoying but they need to carry out the work.”

Severn Trent representative Rachel Lowe said: “Pipe replacement projects are essential investments to ensure a continued and uninterrupted supply of water to our customers, both now and into the future, by reducing the risk of bursts. Factors including climate change and population growth have an impact on our network so we want to be absolutely certain that our infrastructure is in the best possible position to continue to meet these challenges.

“We understand that roadworks can be frustrating and we try to avoid disruption wherever possible.

“Our teams will be working hard to complete the works and get everything back to normal as quickly as possible and we would like to thank everyone in advance for their patience while we carry out these essential improvements.”

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