Stunned drivers spot Just Eat cyclist riding along M6 near busy junction

Just Eat rider is spotted cycling on the M6

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The cyclist was spotted transporting takeaways on the motorway near the famous Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham last week. Matthew Bowater, who was driving past the man, shared his dashcam footage online and called the police.

Officers are investigating the incident as cyclists are not legally allowed on motorways. 

Matthew told Birmingham Live: “I was travelling north on M6 just after spaghetti junction. I called 101 once off so could get help to the guy.

“The contact centre thought I said the was a Just Eat lorry [delivering] bikes.

“When the penny dropped it was a cyclist [the operator] went ‘oh I get someone on it straight away’.”

Just Eat was contacted for a response. The company wrote back to Matthew on Twitter to say it was investigating.

In the social media post, the firm said: “Hi Matthew, thanks for flagging. Most delivery drivers delivering food to customers’ doors are employed directly by independent restaurants. We do work with third-party courier companies, agency couriers and self-employed independent contractors in certain areas.

“We hold ourselves to the highest standards and in line with these, we would expect all drivers associated with Just Eat to act responsibly and respectfully at all times. We’re investigating this, please do send a DM if you have any further details to share.”

In December 2021, another Just Eat cyclist was spotted travelling along the hard shoulder of the busy M5 – again in Birmingham – on the way to deliver food.

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