Sturgeon hints she is mounting case for Scottish independence court battle against Boris

IndyRef2: Poll puts support for Scottish Independence at 55%

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The Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon appeared to jump on the fact the UK has said it will not interfere with the DUP’s decision to halt Irish Sea border checks. Ms Sturgeon retweeted a tweet by Professor of Practice Ciaran Martin, who wrote: “QCs acting for the Scottish Government in cases against the UK government are going to have great fun with these quotes.”

Scottish Nationalist supporters agreed this would help their case to rip Scotland from the UK.

Andy Halls tweeted: “Scotland can ignore Brexit now it seems, maybe re-introducing freedom of movement would be a nice start; followed closely by indyref2.”

Dominic Toye added: “Can Scotland now call an independence referendum without UK permission?”


Pat Traynor wrote: “So devolved administrations get to control their borders, after all?Whodathunkit?”

Colin Jones added: SCOTLAND, now must push on and get our independence!!!, away from the slimey lying English government , time to act now Nicola….”

It comes after Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis said: “This is a matter for the Northern Ireland executive it is something within their legal remit,” when he was asked about Northern Ireland’s Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots’ decision to order an immediate halt to checks on agri-food goods coming into the region from the rest of the UK.

He added: “This is exactly the kind of thing that we have been warning about in terms of the stability of the executive, the decisions the executive’s ministers will take in order to ensure that products can move from Great Britain to Northern Ireland in the way that they always have done.”

The SNP have said it is their intention to put forward a bill which would legislate for second referendum during this parliamentary term.

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The Tories would allow it to go ahead or challenge it in court.

Since Britain voted to unshackle itself from the EU, Ms Sturgeon has ramped up her plans for independence.

Last week, she announced in the Programme for Government last year that civil servants would resume work on a plan for how Scotland would look outside the UK.

And 11 civil servants have been tasked with creating the prospectus.The prospectus will replace the independence White Paper that was published before the 2014 referendum, which laid out the various policy positions that would be put in place in an independent Scotland.

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