Sturgeon’s ‘eye-watering’ SNP tax to cripple Scotland as £26k+ earners abandon nation

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Scottish Conservative councillor Tony Miklinski told that Scotland is the highest taxed part of the United Kingdom. Mr Miklinski stated that another increase in taxation would lead to people who earn over £26,000 a year not wanting to work to live in Scotland.

Mr Miklinski said: “The level of tax rises are being described as eye-watering, whatever level of basic income would be implemented.

“We are already the highest taxed part of the United Kingdom.

“That is already having an impact on the people that want to come to live and work here, people like Doctors and Dentists.

“If we then further increase taxation you will exacerbate that trend and we will end up with nobody wanting to live up here who is earning above £26,000.

“I don’t think that is much of an exaggeration, you would start to seriously deter the kind of people that we need to live in Scotland.”

The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party warned of a similar scenario occurring earlier this year during an interview with

Jackson Carlaw outlined that Nicola Sturgeon’s national agenda for Scotland will damage the nation.

Mr Carlaw told that the Scottish economy has been lagging behind the rest of the United Kingdom due to the domestic policies pursued by the SNP Government.

The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party stated that Scotland is in danger of being left behind if Nicola Sturgeon‘s constitutional agenda continues to follow the same trend in the coming years. 

Mr Carlaw said: “It is potential damage to Scotland.

“In this post-Brexit economy, we want entrepreneurs to come and set up in Scotland.

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“If we continue to see a hugely diverging tax base in Scotland then people who set up businesses and talented people, not the super-rich, but people between £26,000 and £50,000 who are individually paying today £1,500 more each in tax.

“People are going to vote with their feet and set up those businesses and take the most talented people to other parts of the United Kingdom.

“Scotland is in danger of getting left behind with Nicola Sturgeon.

“For all her guile, for all her experience, for all her posturing on the national stage and articulating her constitutional agenda, the damage to Scotland is of another SNP government pursuing policies which have left our economy lagging behind the UK and are discouraging entrepreneurs and the most talented to come and work here.”

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