Sturgeon’s independence dreams would ‘spark economic meltdown as thousands made redundant’

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly called for Boris Johnson to grant Scotland the power to hold another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. Scotland previously had a referendum in 2014 where the country voted to remain part of the UK but following last month’s general election, where the SNP won 48 seats, Ms Sturgeon has continuously called for Indyref2. However, Mr Galloway questioned whether Scotland could join the EU during an interview with

Mr Galloway said: “Scotland is currently running a deficit three times the permitted limit under the fiscal rules of the European Union.

“Which means that two thirds of Scotland’s deficit would have to be eliminated.

“Which could only be done by gigantic cuts in public services and massive redundancies.

“100,000s of workers would have to lose their jobs to pay for compliance with the fiscal rules of the euro.”

Last month Mr Galloway brilliantly outlined exactly what Scotland risks losing by leaving the United Kingdom.

Mr Galloway said: “If you want to be independent why would you leave a Union in which you have a considerable say to join a Union in which you will be tiny dot on the map.

“Why would you leave a Union with whom you have more than 300 years of common experience, a common language and a gigantic market for your goods and services?

“Absolute free movement between your country and England, why would you do that in order to hook up with Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and the rest?

“With which you have absolutely nothing in common, either historically, culturally linguistically or economically.

“Why would you leave a country where you have a single currency and apply to join the Euro which operates in the interest of the very central places?”

Earlier in the interview with Mr Galloway attacked the BBC and their “intolerable” TV licence practice.

He said: “It is completely intolerable that in 2020, in the 21st century, in an entirely new media landscape, the population of Britain are held hostage by a poll tax that they must pay to the BBC on pain of literal imprisonment.

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“This is intolerable democratically, I hate the BBC, therefore, why should I pay for it.

“I already pay Sky, BT Sport, Netflix, Amazon because I choose to watch them.

“I don’t watch the BBC but I am forced to pay for them.

“The more you look at this issue the less credible that method of funding seems.”

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